Main research

Main research

Here, we will introduce the main research conducted in Saito Laboratory. We are constructing a unified analysis theory of energy systems that can be common to the analysis of electrical systems, mechanical dynamical systems, and thermal energy systems. We are also developing a simulator that introduces AI, IoT, and IT technologies into this theory.

"Hydrogen supply chain" that enables the realization of future society through this utilization, "society centered on renewable energy", "safe living space that can protect humankind from viruses", "providing safe and secure food" We are developing a wide range of research and development from basic research that is indispensable for "the supply chain of food that can be made" to social implementation.

Construction of unified analysis theory of energy system
Development of general-purpose energy simulator "Energy flow + M"
Building a hydrogen energy society
Optimization of heat pump technology
Microchannel heat exchanger optimization
Investigation of heat flow phenomenon by non-equilibrium thermodynamics
Optimization of various energy devices utilizing the two-phase flow phenomenon
Advancement of energy system by AI and IoT
Building a carbon-free society utilizing renewable energy

Status of acquisition of major external funds

We have carried out many large-scale researches centered on projects by NEDO and the Ministry of the Environment, and have implemented basic research at universities in society.

NEDO "Research and development on practical evaluation of next-generation refrigeration and air conditioning technology using low GWP refrigerant"
Received the 2019 Waseda Research Award (promotion of large-scale research projects)
Development of innovative utilization technology for NEDO unused thermal energy "Investigation of actual exhaust heat, examination of R & D / introduction scenarios, construction of integrated analysis simulation technology such as heat pump technology"
Ministry of the Environment CO 2 emission reduction measures strengthening induction type technology development / demonstration project, "Development of high-efficiency air conditioning system by combining liquid desiccant and water refrigerant heat pump"
Ministry of the Environment "Simulation research for performance evaluation of non-fluorocarbon refrigeration and refrigeration air conditioning equipment"
NEDO Energy Conservation Innovation Technology Development Project "Research and Development of Steam Generation Absorption Heat Pump System"
NEDO Next Generation Heat Pump System Research and Development
"Research and development on an optimal heat source switching type high-efficiency high-temperature circulation heat pump system that enables the utilization of various unused heat"
Many joint researches with private companies