With the global demand for virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, science and technology are facing major challenges as to how to tackle this challenge. Even under these circumstances, building a bright future while achieving sustainable growth can be said to be the greatest challenge required for future science and technology.

In order to realize such a society, research and development within the academic system that has been vertically divided up to now cannot cope with it. In other words, it is essential to establish an innovative theoretical system that can cross different energy conversion engineering systems of electrical system, mechanical dynamical system, and thermal energy system. For more than 50 years, our research group has been the first in the world to show that energy system analysis can be unified with circuit theory as a common analysis structure even between different engineering systems.

We have applied this theory and developed heat pumps and other heat energy systems through a number of fundamental studies that have served as the basis for equipment development, and have materialized them as equipment. In the future, we will expand the scope of application from energy supply networks, including the "hydrogen energy supply chain," "locally produced energy for local consumption," and "renewable energy," which are essential for the realization of a decarbonized society, to "living space," "production technology," and "agricultural and food management" on the demand side. Our research group will present the future of the energy society to the world by conducting basic research as well as developing concrete systems.

By 2050, there are only 30 years left. It is an era when you are the center of society. It is up to you to create a bright future society.

Department of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineerring,School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

Professor Kiyoshi Saito

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Prof. Saito was selected as one of the top PI in carbon neutrality research.
Top-Level PI in the carbon neutrality ociety research field

Waseda University has set the realization of carbon neutrality as a pillar of its research.
We aim to realize carbon neutrality toward the achievement of the SDGs worldwide by taking advantage of our strengths as a comprehensive university and combining research capabilities that transcend the framework of the humanities and sciences.
Center for Research and Education on Carbon-Neutral Society, Waseda University


Industrial heat pump simulator developed by Saito Lab. was introduced in Focus NEDO.
Visualize the effect of installation with simple input! Industrial Heat Pump Simulator


Professor Saito has been appointed as the first director of the new organization "Research Organization for Sustainable Energy and Environment Society Co-Creation" at Waseda University.


Saito Laboratory was introduced in Waseda Gakuho No. 1252 (April 2022).


Prof. Saito's article appeared in the March 10, 2022 issue of Nikkei Architecture.


Prof. Saito received the Waseda Research Award for the third consecutive year.


Prof. Saito received the Waseda Research Award for the second consecutive year.


The opening ceremony of the "Next Generation Heat Pump Technology Strategy Research Consortium" was held.


Professor Saito established the Environmental Energy Technology Comprehensive Evaluation Center.


The "Next Generation Heat Pump Technology Strategy Research Consortium" was established with 17 companies participating, and Professor Saito became the first chairman.
Consortium homepage

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