The following research on heat pump technologies are carried out.

  • Modeling and numerical analysis of Fuel cell
  • Modeling and analysis of smart energy system including Fuel cell and solar panel
  • Heat and mass transfer inside nano-oder porus
  • Boiling heat transfer inside micro-channel
  • Development of general purpose energy system simulator “Energy flow + M
  • Modeling and numerical analysis of heat transformer
  • Global simulation of compression type heat pump system
  • Optimum control of heat pump
  • Development of simulator that can predict the all-through-the-year driving conditions including dehumidification, frost, on-off diriving
  • Modeling of CO2 heat pump
  • Global simulation of absorption heat pump
  • Hybrid desiccant air-conditioning system with heat pump
  • Modeling and numerical analysis of desiccant wheel


  1. Keisue Ohno, Kiyoshi Saito, Global unsteady state simulation with modular analysis2009. Best presentation award in 2009 annual conference of JSRAE
  2. Jong-SooJeong, Kiyoshi Saito, Jong-TaekOh, Kwang-Il Choi, Miniaturization of CO2 Heat Pump Using MicrochannelHeat Exchanger,2010, Annual conference of SAREK, Seoul, Korea.(Sarek Best paper award)
  3. Performance Improvement of R 410A Room Air Conditioner by Vapor Injection Refrigeration Cycle Using Scroll Compressor. (JSRAE Best paper award 2010)
  4. Kiyoshi Saito, HEATING, REFRIGERATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING IN SMART ENEGY SYSTEM, Philippine ERDT conference, best presentation award, 2011
Public Research Funds
  1. Project of steam generation absorption heat transformer by NEDO
  2. Higher temperature heat pump system that uses multi energy sources by NEDO
  3. Next-generation environmentally-friendly heat transportation technology for information and communication fields, Joint research project under Japan-Korea scientific program JSPS.
Research Funds from private company
  1. Optimum driving of Fuel cell
  2. Prediction method of refrigerator performance with actual driving data
  3. Ejector cooling system driven by solar energy
  4. Simulation of liquid desiccant hybrid system and heat and mass transfer of dehumidifier
  5. Performance analysis of VRF system
  6. Unsteady state simulation of double-effect absorption refrigerator
  7. Performance predition of compressor curb method
  8. To enhance the Cd value for heat pump systems
International collaboration
  1. Joint research program with Chonnam University, Korea supported by Japan society for the promotion of science, “Next-generation environmentally friendly heat transportation technology for information and communication fields”
  2. Research on Smart energy system with KIST (Korean institute of science and engineering)
  1. Development of simulator for VRF systems, Morimura homeikai
  1. Mitubishi paper mills
  2. Hitachi appliance

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