Research Prospect

Living conditions of human beings are greatly improved by the development of an automotive, airplane and robot. On the contrary, high energy consumption leads to its cost-up and economic damage. And environment gets damages from the energy consumption. If we continue developing mechanical systems without consideration of environment, human beings also will suffer serious damages that can’t be recovered. Therefore, from now on, we have to create truly environmentally friendly living conditions.

Mechanical system is originally the one to use the energy and convert it to effective motion. Therefore, the development of mechanical technology uses a lot of energy and gives damage to the environment. On the contrary, it can realize the energy saving and save the earth. Mechanical systems don’t have to be convenient one for human beings but environmentally friendly one.

Since Japan leads the environmental technology, the most important role of Japan is to develop the environmental technology and spread this technology to the world. This is also the role that Waseda University have to play. Saito lab. Carry out the basic research to meet this strong demand for environmental field and open up new fields for the bright future of human beings.

  • Analysis theory of energy system
  • Control of energy saving system
  • Thermal fluid dynamics of micro an nano phenomena
  • Next generation heat pump technology

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