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2009 master
Masafumi Yoneda

Piping systems are used in many fields such as gas and water pipings and indispensable for the life of human beings. To inspect this piping, ultrasonography is sometimes used. But it is not easy to inspect small space piping system with this method. We develop the piping robot that can move inside 100mm diameter piping and inspect piping system with CCD camera.

Three dimensional CAD is used to design the system and electric circuit system and body are made. In the piping system, this system moves with CCD camera and motor control system.

Robots consists of lots of mechanical and electric systems. I am very interested in making them by myself. And this project is work worth doing.

2009 master
Tomohiko Osada

I evaluate the boiling heat transfer inside micro channel. Micro channel heat exchanger is the one whose diameter is less than several mm and getting attention because the performance is believed to be very high. If we can improve the performance of the heat exchanger with micro channel technology, we can expect the energy saving of heat exchanger and refrigeration and air-conditioning system.

We make this test facility by ourselves. We select the measurement systems and make the system by ourselves. In Saito lab., students can do what they want to do. Especially master course student should be a leader of the research group and bring the group together. This is actually nice experience. Finally Saito lab, is always active and nice place who want study.

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2012,The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal for New Technology,「Innovative Air-Cooled Package Air Conditioner for Data Centers Reduces Energy Use by 50%」


New Generation Heat Pump Technology Project
New Generation Heat Pump Technology Project

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