Educational Prospect

In Saito lab. I always want the student to be in active internationally through the research and development on environmentally friendly mechanical systems.

Activities for junior

We have seminar in every week. The fundamental lecture such as thermodynamics, heat transfer and control is given that is essential for the research.

Activities for senior and graduates

Every student carries out fundamental and applied researches supported by many private companies and national research funds. Through these researches, many students get fundamental ability as researchers and engineers in mechanical fields. Top level researchers in every field for environmental field support the students to carry out researches.

Foreign training

Many students take part in the student exchange program, presentation of international conference, joint research with foreign university and internship. Students will have international view point through these activities.

2007 Student exchange program with university of Illinois
(5 students took part in this program)
2008  Presentation of international conference in Melbourne
(3 students took part in this program)
2000 Foreign internship
(One student stayed for a month stay in the U.S.A)
2008- Joint research with Chonnam university Korea
(One student took part in this project)

What's new

2012,The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal for New Technology,「Innovative Air-Cooled Package Air Conditioner for Data Centers Reduces Energy Use by 50%」


New Generation Heat Pump Technology Project
New Generation Heat Pump Technology Project

Energy flow IAE

Energy System Simulator

Heat Pump & Thermal storage Technology Center of Japan

The Energy Conservation Center, Japan

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry