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2011.3 Prof. Saito got the best paper award from Japan society of refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers. Paper title is Performance Improvement of R 410A Room Air Conditioner by Vapor Injection Refrigeration Cycle Using Scroll Compressor
2011.2 Prof. Saito delivered the series of lectures in University of the Philippines.
2011.2 At ERDT conference in Philippine, Prof. Saito made a keynote speech entitled "HEATING, REFRIGERATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING IN SMART ENEGY SYSTEM". He got best presentation award.

2010 Visiting associate prof. Jeong and prof. Saito got the best paper award from SAREK, Korea. Title of paper is "Miniaturization of CO2 Heat Pump Using Micro channel Heat Exchanger"
2009 Keisuke Ohno of Saito lab. got the best presentation award of JSRAE annual meeting. Title of the paper is "global unsteady state simulation of heat pump system".

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2012,The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal for New Technology,「Innovative Air-Cooled Package Air Conditioner for Data Centers Reduces Energy Use by 50%」


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New Generation Heat Pump Technology Project

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